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May Allah help me to find a suitable man

Asalamou Alaikoum,

Bismillah arahman arahim,

May Allah help me to find a suitable man to live with him, and to have

I am aged 32, and still expecting the right man for me, I am sincere,
honest, kind, tender, affectionnate, romantic
open-minded. I like internet, butterflies, romance, birds, Ebooks,
honesty. I dislike lies, dishonesty, hypocrisy,
unfair attitude, misdjugments.

I believe in destiny, and I think that God knows best, and I keep on
waiting for a good surprise in life
which is to meet the man I have always dreamed of : a good looking man
with good morals and principles,
good looking, responsible, with sense of humor,does not drink,with
positive attitude towards life, energetic, honest,
easy-going, loving,caring, warm, sincere, understanding, tolerant,
warm, and open-minded.

God bless all!